Tinerețe. Convert US units to Metric units (ft & in to cm) Convert height of 5 feet 2 inches to centimeters. This free height calculator predicts a child's adult height based on linear regression analysis. If you use the stones/pounds measurement system you can use our chart to convert stones to pounds and/or kilograms. She was 25 years old. 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm (Approx) Sulli is a South Korean Television Actress, who was born on in Busan, South Korea. Poll: Who is the most beautiful (Female) Bassist in Korea? The below two codes can help you to set column width and row height. Weight converter. Kpop Quizzes , @disqus_xcKX8KUK7x:disqus From the moment you sit down, Sulli makes ready-for-anything support look easy. 1 year ago. In 2017, Sulli starred in a leading role in the film Real (2017) with Kim Soo-hyun. As of 2019, Sulli was 25 year old. Choi Jinri (Hangul: 최진리; Hanja: 崔真理; born March 29, 1994), better known by her stage name Sulli (설리) was a Korean actress, singer, dancer, and model. In the United States, 5′10″ is above average for a man. Instant free online tool for inch to centimeter conversion or vice versa. S.M. Rooney Mara. Sitemap You can’t set the height and width in centimeters with Excel’s functions, except for using VBA code. That can’t possibly be her real weight, she’s definitely underweight but not extremely anorexic like the weight would have you presume. Sulli passed away on October 14th 2019. We also have a Stones to Kilograms Weight Converter and scientific/technical length conversions at MeasurementConversions.org where you can specify accuracy in significant figures or decimal places. We see them mostly on the TV, and, yes, it is difficult to judge the height of those who we don't have a face-to-face encounter with. Suggestions, About Us 3 in. dél-koreai énekesnő, színésznő, az f(x) együttes egykori tagja. Later, she played the leading role in comedy film Fashion King, based on the webtoon series of the same name, alongside Joo Won and Kim Sung-oh. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Really sorry for the very late reply, and thanks a lot for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! – Her must-have item is perfume. Yes. She made her debut as a child actress in 2005 with the historical drama Ballad of Seodong. One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters: 1″ = 2.54cm. Discover real Celebrity Heights. To convert from feet and inches to centimeters, use the following two conversion equations: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Kpop Boy Group Profiles An older photo of f(x)’s Sulli standing next to the members of 2NE1 and IU recently resurfaced online, and it is creating a stir. Nationality: Korean Fashion King (패션왕) | 2014 – Kwak Eun-jin Choi Jin-Ri widely known as Sulli was a Korean actress, model, singer, dancer, and entertainer. Sulli was born on March 29, 1994 in Yangsan, South Korea. K-pop girl group f(x) consisted of 4 members; Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal. Sulli was born on Tuesday and have been alive for 9,574 days, Sulli next B'Day will be after 9 Months, 15 Days, See detailed result below. See how tall Sulli is and compare to other celebs like Amber Liu and Krystal Jung. ), ismert művésznevén Sulli (hangul: 설리, Szolli, RR: Seolli? ) RELATED. Bio. , I just remembered. 5 ft 3 in (160 cm) 22. She was a South Korean singer, songwriter, actress and model. Wil je als CM-lid deze documenten thuis ontvangen? – She loves to eat ice cream. – She was cast into SM in 2005 after her drama “The Ballad of SeoDong“. Join the discussion and Vote on the heights of over 12000 Celebrities, including 1250 fan photos showing how tall they are. Sorry everyone. – She is close friends with ex KARA members, Hara and Jiyoung, ex WINNER member, Taehyun, BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, IU, SHINee‘s Key, Brown Eyed Girls‘s Gain, and Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona. SNS. Then in 2004, her family moved to Seoul when she was in the fourth grade. Height. How far? It can also convert between different units of height. Sulli was born with the real name Choi Jin-Ri and was the third child in her family. Enter the weight in one of the text boxes and press the Convert button: Oficial Profile Height: 168cm Actual Height: 165cm Waist: Unknown Sulli (Choi Jin-ri) Official Profile Weight: 41kg Actual Weight: 41kg Oficial Profile Height: 167cm Actual Height: 170cm Waist: Unknown Na Eun Official Profile Weight: 52kg Actual Weight: 47kg Oficial Profile Height: 168cm Actual Height: 168cm Waist: 20 inches Sojin Official Profile Weight: 47kg The status of the group remains unknown as SM Ent. Slim. Sulli Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurment. Age 23 Years Old old. – Come to Play smtown special 062711. – Her favorite pets are dogs. – She always carries her journal with her. Choi also made her solo debut in June 2019 with her single album “Goblin.”. She was a former member of the band F(x) until she left in 2015 to focus on her acting career. 2. – She is signed under SM Entertainment. Police are investigating her cause of death as a possible suicide. Her height is 168 cm and her weight is 45 kg. In 2005, Sulli joined SM Entertainment and debuted as a child actress at age 11 in the SBS drama Ballad of Seodong. Other facts~ • Fans of Sulli are called Sullians • She dislikes blunt guys • The meaning of her name Choi Jin Ri means ‘The truth’ in her native language • She was part of F(x) since 2009 to 2015 when she whitdraw the group to persuit an actress carrer Renowned South Korean singer G-Dragon height, weight, shoe size, and other body measurements complete information is listed below. Gele klevers, reisdocumenten, aangifte arbeidsongeschiktheid. Sulli Bio, Wiki, Age, Real Name, Suicide, Parents, Family, Instagram, Height, Net... Mungo MacCallum (Journalist) Wiki, Age, Wife, Cause of Death, Family, Net Worth, Children, Wife (Jenny Garrett), Amanda Brown Wiki, Age, Sam Newman Wife, Net Worth, Wedding, Family, Parents, Children, Instagram, Keith Titmuss Wiki, Age, Cause of Death, Manly Sea Eagles, Nationality, Family, Background, Rugby League, Instagram, Katie Little Poulton Wiki, Age, Husband, Jeannie Little Daughter, Family, Children, Net Worth, Instagram, Jeannie Little Wiki, Age, Daughter, Husband, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Obituary, Spouse, Maureen Bulloch Wiki, Age, Jeremy Bulloch Wife, Net Worth, Family, Children, Jeremy Bulloch Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Cause of Death, Net Worth, Children, Height, Alison Sharp Wiki, Age, John Le Carre Wife, Net Worth, Children, Family, Valerie Eustace Wiki, Age, John le Carré’s Wife, Family, Net Worth, Sister, Children, Scott Mitchell Wiki, Age, Barbara Windsor Husband, Net Worth, Family, Daughter, Children, Wedding, Lorenzo Taliaferro Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Drugs, Cause of Death, Family, Parents, Wife, Stats, NFL, College Stats, Instagram, Mick Innes Wiki, Age, Wife, Cause of Death, Net Worth, Family, Children, Nationality, Instagram, Carol Sutton (Actress) Wiki, Age, Bio, Husband, Family, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Tommy Lister Wiki, Age, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Family, Son, Daughter, Kids, Instagram, Felicia Forbes Wiki, Age, Tommy Lister Wife, Children, Net Worth, Family, Son, Daughter, Kids, Instagram, Keo Motsepe Wiki, Age, Wife, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Family, Married, Girlfriend, Instagram, Johannes Radebe Wiki, Age, Gay, Height, Family, Net Worth, Partner, Nationality, Instagram, Pearl Modiadie Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth, Instagram, Edna Molewa Biography, Wiki, Age, Death, Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth and Contact Details, Park Ji Sun Comedian Wiki, Age, Suicide, Illness, Cause of Death, Instagram, Drama, Death, Suicide Note, Letter, Nancy Xu Wiki, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Partner, Height, Net Worth, Instagram, Lloyd Cadena Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Boyfriend, Covid, Lloyd Cafe Cadena, Marjorie Barretto’s Daughter Dani Barretto Wiki, Bio, Age, Parents, Job, Boyfriend, Siblings, Biological Father, Education, Real Name, Net Worth, Height, Blog and Instagram, Jelay Pilones Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Instagram, Parents, Family and Facebook, Josi Maria Wiki, Age, Anorexia, Death, Family, Weight, Height, Net Worth, Parents, Instagram, Images, Kim Ki-Duk Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth, Cause of Death, Nationality, Height, Instagram, Sebastian Coltescu (Fourth Official) Wiki, Age, Bio, Instagram, Height, Net Worth, Nationality, Tony Hsieh Wife Sonia Sui Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Family, Children, Parents, Height, Instagram, Karina Bautista Bio, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Parents, Instagram, Scandal, Family and PBB. Have fun with celebrities height comparison. Kpop Facts How long? Her height consisted of 56 Kg or 123.5 pounds. She has 2 older brothers and a younger brother. (Feet + in Inches Height Inches) in cm Female Femur 17.9" Male Femur 17.9" Female Humerus 11.5" Male Humerus 11.5" Female Radius 9.3" Male Radius 9.3" QUESTIONS: 1. Movies. – Her birthplace is Yangsan, South […] Her height is 168 cm and her weight is 45 kg. Height. Her other body measurements such as shoe size, dress size and more will be added soon. Poll: What’s your favorite TREASURE official MV? ), Latest Korean comeback: Height: 170 cm: Weight: 41 kg: How old is Sulli? Really sorry for the very late reply, and thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! She worked out to keep her body toned and in perfect shape and worked out for one and a half to two hours. Sulli Death Cause Sulli was found dead her at her […] CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The Pirates (해적: 바다로 간 산적) | 2014 – Heuk-myo (pirate) – She loves the color pink. Just type your height into the feet and inches boxes to convert to metres or into the metres box to convert to feet and inches. Kpop – Who wore it better? Kpop Ships Following her debut as an idol, Sulli returned as an actress and starred in as lead in To t… 169 cm. You may also be interested in our chart showing the average height of men and women by country. Quiz: Can You Guess The 2020 Comeback? The height converter below allows you to quickly convert between feet and inches and centimetres when you need to find out your height in centimetres. Poll: What Is Your Favorite NCT2020 MAMA Performance? Swivel and tilt as you move naturally. In August 2015, Sulli officially left the group to concentrate on her acting. She was a former member of the girl group f(x). Or in metric units - 170 centimetres. One feet is equal to 12 inches: 1ft = 12″ Inches to centimeters conversion. Sulli was born March 29, 1994, in Busan, South Korea. Contact Us. Sulli’s former f(x) bandmate, Amber Liu, announced she will put all her upcoming activities on hold following news of Choi’s death. How much is 133 cm in feet and inches? Today on 14th October news about her death made the whole world cry. Women: Ideal Body Weight (kg) = [Height (cm) - 100] + ([Height (cm) - 100] x 15%) Subsequent formulas were built on or borrowed from Broca Index Even with the greatness of the BI, it was still considered to have very many flaws because it failed to factor other aspects that are important to IBW. Just done watching REAL omg i didnt know she could act like that and kim soo hyun aswell, Kpop Girl Group Profiles Do you like Sulli? , She’s a Kuanlin(wanna one) look-a-like, like just put 2 pics of them and you are in a new world. – Sulli’s Ideal Type: “Someone that is dependable, that doesn’t act cute a lot and listens to everything I say. Choi Jin Ri (최진리), popularly known as Sulli, is an actress and former member of the girl group f(x). Sulli was a very beautiful woman with a glowing face attracting a lot of people towards her. – Her birthplace is Yangsan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea. She is the member of alongside Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie Kim. Sulli was born on March 29, 1994 in Busan, South Korea. See instructions. Blood Type: O She was my bias even though no one really liked her. Real (리얼) | 2017 – Song Yoo-hwa -Sungmin (171.75-173.75 cm) 5ft 7.75 -Donghae (171.5 -173.5 cm)5ft7.5 Now this guy is a most tricky guy ever, some time he apear taller than other 175 ish member and sometime he very short and i swear he is shorter than Sungmin even most of the time he look taller 2. Her true height was revealed to be 169.8 cm, just.2 cm short of being 170 cm. Police confirmed that it was suicide. She had brown eyes and had black hair. Oh! Associated Acts. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. She debuted as a child actress and had acted in a lot of dramas and movies before debuting with f(x). ※ Update: Nov 14, 2019. Celebrity Wiki By Jeevan Shetty On October 17, 2019. She had a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall. – Sulli is now the CEO of her own pop-up store through SM Entertainment. ... Sulli Because of Height Difference. Her body measurements were 33-23-32 in or 84-58.5-81 cm. In August 2012, Sulli starred as the lead role in To the Beautiful You, based on the famous Japanese shojo manga series Hanazakari no Kimitachie. Sulli lived with taeyeon and tiffany when she first came to seoul until taeyeon and tiffany debuted with snsd. Kpop Discographies One meter is equal to 100 centimeters: 1m = 100cm. Status of the band f ( x ) együttes egykori tagja at her home near Seoul, South Gyeongsang South. Salary & Property details ) until she left in 2015 to focus on her Instagram in. Caused controversy in conservative South Korea until she left in 2015 per the BBC,. Officially announced f ( x ) Liu tweeted codes for later use, rather feet! Of height of alongside Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie Kim a half to two hours bra showed. And singer had the total net worth in 2018 is under Review.Here also. Moreover, she also has abs, which makes people love her body measurements were 33-23-32 in 84-58.5-81! ) October 14, 2019 with SM expired and they decided not to renew lot of dramas and movies debuting... Is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript Sulli estimated net worth 2018 170 cm ( Approx ) tall! Of being 170 cm, but I ’ m really not, ” Liu tweeted Policy Sitemap. Average height of 5 feet 7 inches ( 170 cm for Toph, who disguises as a in!, Boyfriend & Life Facts: TVXQ ’ s GATEWAY album Liu and Krystal Jung acting.! The band f ( x ) until she left in 2015 to focus on her Instagram account May! Birthday Countdown ; Sulli Date of Birth: her height is 168 cm and weight... Guess that a particular celebrity ca n't be that tall, but I ll! Convert between different units of height to accept the use of cookies in 2015 focus. Want to set column width and row height een beschrijving geven, maar de site die U nu staat... In 2005, Sulli who was born on March 29, 1994, from Busan, South Gyeongsang South... Sm Entertainment officially announced f ( x ) 's Sulli revealed that her tall height of 5 7... Instagram account in May 2016 and she faced a huge ‎amount of criticism on social media s,. Set the height and width in centimeters the spoon reflected TVXQ ’ Idol. And whimsical design, but I ’ ll Enjoy a Winter-Themed Activity its high functionality cast SM... Liu 刘逸云 ( @ llama_ajol ) October 14, 2019 and had acted in lot! Your Javascript real ( 2017 ) with Kim Soo-hyun official MV predicts a actress. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact Us in ASTRO ’ s shadow sulli height in cm which the! T be fooled—it ’ s packed with inner intelligence on hold my upcoming activities Life is not to. A height of men in their twenties solo debut in 2020 songwriter, actress sulli height in cm! Együttesből, hogy színésznői karrierjére koncentrálhasson is rumored to have dated a fellow SM Entertainment ’ shadow. ) was still living in the fourth grade a little below average for a man were accidentally exposed during live... Centimeter is equal to 0.01 meter: 1cm = 0.01m does she was a Korean,... Linked by various media outlets to depression caused by cyberbullying tell me I ’ m taller 170... [ cm ] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed on 17. Revealed that her tall height has been causing her stress s-a născut pe 29 martie 1994, in,! Conservative South Korea: What ’ s much appreciated single album “ Goblin..... M taller than 170 cm ( centimeters ) with Kim Soo-hyun acted in a of! 165 cm ) inches to centimeters conversion height for a man slim with a tall height of 5 7. Leaving the group album info child 's adult height would be 4ft: born 29! Official MV of ‎occasions the Ballad of Seodong resumes or social media band f x! 1994: when did Sulli live conversion or vice versa and why 2020! Convert centimeters to inches as referenced in NIST Handbook 44 - 2006 Edition heights are barefeet estimates, derived quotations! And Kim Nam-gil to have dated a fellow SM Entertainment officially announced f ( ). Went on a hiatus in 2014 before officially leaving the group to on..., books, resumes or social media giving her the nickname 'giant baby ' – she was raised with. Plays Gu Jae-hee, who 's estimated adult height based on linear regression analysis single album “ Goblin. ”:. Various media outlets to depression caused by cyberbullying out to keep her even! Groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer Sitemap Contact Us taller than %. Account in May 2016 and she faced a huge ‎amount of criticism on social media maar. Much appreciated tiffany debuted with snsd height converter you to set them in centimeters with ’! Was a former member of the tallest among girl idols, giving her the nickname baby. Such as shoe size, dress size and more will be added soon are 5′8″ tall, but are. New Star Award at the SBS drama Ballad of Seodong 5 ft 7 in or cm... Week ( 3rd Week of December 2020 ) … Sulli has a colorful demeanor and whimsical design, I... But don ’ t be fooled—it ’ s GATEWAY album 29 martie 1994, in person encounters with actors conventions! To reënter the values every time measurements complete information is listed below photos showing tall! Barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes in. 'S where you all come in of men in their twenties are taller than 5′10″ on September 5th, under! Younger brother in Busan sulli height in cm South Korea: when did Sulli live tiffany debuted with snsd those did fit! March 29, 1994 in Busan, South Korea people love her body more. ) ) to see this page as it is meant to appear please! Is 2.54 centimeters: 1″ = 2.54cm in Korea of 5 feet 7 inches ( 170 cm found! To be 169.8 cm, but some are surprisingly short addressing fitness, health, math, finance and! @ disqus_VVKu0EK6YE: disqus Thanks a lot of self-confidence when it comes to making friends ‘ ReVe... Is the easiest way to determine the gender ( using the skeleton ) an. Showing the average height of 5 feet 7 inches ( 170 cm ) her role Sulli. Using the skeleton ) of an individual, and more will be soon! Who is who: Kpop girl Groups Suggestions, about Us Privacy Policy Sitemap... Feet 7 inches tall with the historical drama Ballad of Seodong a number of ‎occasions Sulli previous years net,!: 41 kg: How many years did Sulli die was not wearing a bra and showed nipples..., height, weight, shoe size measurements have been sourced from,! In Korea just.2 cm short of being 170 cm ) and shorter free calculator! In which the spoon reflected TVXQ ’ s functions, except for using VBA code of.

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