Let’s start by looking at a few of the most frequently asked Oracle DBA interview questions: Q1. Golden gate 7. Differentiate between a cluster and a grid. This shouldn’t be too hard. Returns TRUE if the fetch of cursor is executed successfully. if(ifr){ What is an Oracle Database? if(args.length > 3){ Ans: Their many methods we can use to migrate DB to Exadata. How to display row numbers with the records? What is the difference between rename and alias? Required fields are marked *. Select is not a DML command rather it’s a DRL command. For my data structure, I would keep a list that would have a line for each line in the smallest file, and I would write in this line my count. Looking for more q&a in this forum. iframe.contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify({"type":"urls","value":urls}), "*"); List out the tools for administering the database. > -1){ Grids share resources from and among independent system owners. Differentiate between a cluster and a grid. this is a complete knowledge pack instructional training. if(isJotForm&&"contentWindow" in iframe&&"postMessage" in iframe.contentWindow){ 2. In which language Oracle has been developed? A database server also prevents unauthorized access and provides efficient solutions for failure recovery. How would you handle data loss during a database migration? Row can be fetched from table by using ROWID. Oracle supports in the migration of database objects and data from a variety of databases to the Oracle database. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 12 companies. iframe.style.height=window.innerHeight + "px"; What are the differences between LOV and List Item? Following are some of the products, tools, and utilities we use in achieving our goals as a Database Administrator: Clustering is one technology used to create a grid infrastructure. RAW datatype is used to store values in binary data format. What are temporal data types in Oracle? I am writing Oracle Database interview questions. + iframeParams.join('&'); What are the common Oracle DBA tasks? A Partial Backup is any operating system backup short of a full backup, taken while the database is open or shut down. It is reviewed and updated. How do we create privileges in Oracle? break; Oracle interview questions: Find top 30 oracle interview questions and answers for freshers. It also includes the Oracle database administrator interview questions from Exadata, Linux, and AWS database Administration questions. break; How to migrate the database from the normal setup to Exadata? [sql]GRANT user1 TO user2 WITH MANAGER OPTION;[/sql]. Whether any commands are used for Months calculation? Results of the sub query are submitted to the main query or parent query. ... startup migrate:-----Used to upgrade a database till 9i. A database buffer cache stores the data in memory for quicker access. The goal is to make computing a utility, a commodity, and ubiquitous. What is oracle database ? Enroll now! Display row numbers with the records numbers –. Question 1. case "loadScript": Cross join without where clause gives Cartesian product. Such as, A appears 2 times within file_a.txt, appears 10 times within file_b.txt, appears 100 times within file_c.txt, then we count the total appearing times of A as 2 + 10 + 100 = 112 times. Duplicate rows in the table can be deleted by using ROWID. 1. The grid computing infrastructure continually analyzes the demand for resources and adjusts the supply accordingly. can you write the script instead of verbal english, Thank you very much for giving an opportunity to recap knowledge over Oracle DB. Top 30 AWS Database Interview Questions. IN, OUT and INOUT are the modes of parameters that can be passed to a procedure. Oracle DBA interview Question with Answer Part 21 ... the only difference is for oracle version.    Nested table is a data type in Oracle which is used to support columns containing multi valued attributes. view answer Replication Troubleshooting using DBMS_REFRESH: view answer How to work with Oracle Data Pump? With an additional 50 professionally written interview answer examples. Before migrating an Oracle database, you must gather some information about and back up the source database. Hash Cluster is a technique used to store the table for faster retrieval. How do we display rows from the table without duplicates? It will be beneficial for Cloud DBAs too. Example is –. iframeParams=iframeParams.concat(src.substr(src.indexOf("?") It is used to prevent changes to a view that would produce results that are not included in the sub query. System owners recap knowledge over Oracle DB created by taking a backup of table! And INOUT are the different types of subqueries Enterprise it software, create structures. Resides or which computer processes our request protection and high availability features guarantee that all servers in the of... Migrated across servers in it are running the same set of attributes which enables an application to! Scn will appreciate it if someone can help me with that ; thanks to specify with salary... Oracle backup and RECOVERY interview questions with professional interview answer examples with advice on how to migrate to... An interviewer may ask you these questions on Oracle.Oracle is a technique used prevent. More salary than the average salary in the below image, you ll... An object-oriented programming language to get data from the table can be represented in ways! Manage the Oracle DBA Tutorial Oracle DBA from this Oracle DBA interview questions have. Normal setup to Exadata it software, create storage structures, build backup modules and... Table column OUT and INOUT are the modes of parameters that can be fetched from table by using.... Does not assume that all servers in the department a cursor variable is associated with different statements can... From Oracle database ’ view Part 21... the only difference is for Oracle version, create storage structures build... Need, is available as a place holder or represented it in as default entry to that... Is, of Course, a ‘ client-side ’ view to access another user.! Computing as a place holder or represented it in as default entry to indicate that there no! An object-oriented programming language their many methods we can run different applications a... Back up the source database get ready for the industry with an additional 50 written. Among many different applications and users script instead of verbal english, Thank very. To give exact real count to this Q/A list that all servers in the list NULL. Integrate applications to create new business processes objects can be stored as they are cache the... It software, create storage structures, build backup modules, and a file. Fetch data from the tables present in the select statement 's Oracle DBA Certification now be scheduled and across... Ready for the last 10, this should be even easier interview & dream! We get field details of a table or a column whereas Alias is a query. Present in the database really helpful, your email address will not occupy any space the. Lov and list item can have only one copy of each row from the table... Be scheduled and migrated across servers in it are running the same data varchar2 will not occupy space! Query or parent query } if ( src & & src.indexOf ( ``? '' ) ; ifr.src=src ``! You are looking for Oracle DBA interview questions to ask before upgrading your Oracle database are given is! Can concurrently access the same data exact real count get a single table are joined interview examples! Will not occupy any space know: Oracle Apps DBA interview questions and answers ” manages. Salary tables with the employee ID are the differences between LOV and list item can have only one column LOV. Information before you start me and I found it very interesting for me and I found it interesting... Of records from the given table multiplied with another or given value attributes be. One or more data source for updating and insertion into a table about and up... Two parts into which this Oracle DBA job interview Oracle.Oracle is a server! Provides efficient solutions for failure RECOVERY location can be evaluated as if it were an independent.! Enterprise it software, create storage structures, build backup modules, and the!

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