From other reports that have been published since the attack first became known, it’s apparently an ongoing ransomware campaign that’s gone from bad to worse. As if 2020 could not get any worse, this year has also ushered in a dramatic uptick in ransomware attacks. On Dec. 13, BleepingComputer reported that the Habana Labs, which develops AI processors, allegedly suffered a cyber attack involving the Pay2Key ransomware. Casey..we are planning to publish infographic based on the published information. So, we’ve decided to limit ourselves to talking about the most recent ransomware attacks that are malware-based and have made headlines in 2020. US ransomware attacks doubled (~98% increase) in the last 3 months, making it the #1 most targeted country for ransomware, followed by India, Sri Lanka, Russia and Turkey. According to UCSF’s June 26 security update: While we stopped the attack as it was occurring, the actors launched malware that encrypted a limited number of servers within the School of Medicine, making them temporarily inaccessible. Ransomware attacks are targeting every industry globally, including highly regulated industries such as government and healthcare. The aggregate number of ransomware attacks decreased in Q2 2020, according to data from Coveware. Executives - be ready to activate business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Another extraordinary post Casey! NetWalker, also known as Mailto, is a ransomware strain that’s thought to have made its criminal debut in August 2019. A Trump administration official told CNN that several hospitals have been targeted in the attacks over the past two days, and while it's still early, the official said the incidents may be connected. Thank you very much and keep publishing great articles! BleepingComputer reports that the attackers demanded more than 1,804 BTC — or what equates to well over $34 million (USD) — in exchange for access to their decryption tool. 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Be sure to check them out and share your own insights and cybersecurity suggestions in the comments section of that article. 09.28.2020 05:14 PM. In a statement from the St. Lawrence Health Systems, the virus has been identified as a new variant of Ryuk ransomware, previously unknown to antivirus software providers and security agencies. (More on MSU shortly.). Consequently, emergency response exercises also failed to provide employees with decision-making experience in dealing with cyberattacks. Ransomware is a type of malware, or malicious software, that encrypts a victim's files. That attack, which the library system reported on Jan. 3, caused network outages for all 26 of its branches that lasted for several days. The good news for Blackbaud is that they were able to discover and disrupt the attack, ultimately blocking them from their systems. 09.28.2020 05:14 PM. Yes… You are correct. But after Shirbit missed the first payment deadline, that rate increased to 100 BTC and, later, 200 BTC. It is not known who carried out the attacks, but overall, the incidents represent a solid expansion of hospital targets in a short period of time who have sought to take advantage of the crush facing hospitals in the wake of the global pandemic. Of course, this list is far from being complete list. Ryuk and Sodinokibi, perennially the most observed variants in Kroll’s cases, have been joined by Maze as the top three ransomware variants so far in 2020. According to the BleepingComputer article: “As part of this attack, the threat actors claim to have encrypted about 1,200 servers, stole 100 GB of unencrypted files, and deleted 20-30 TB Of backups.”. Further to the above, on October 1, 2020, OFAC issued an advisory to companies that pay or facilitate a ransom payment, warning them that ransomware attack victims, and third parties who … In 2020, we conducted a survey of IT managers in 5000 companies in 26 different countries and asked about ransomware attacks. Griffin Hospital in Derby, CT, is one of the most recent victims of a ransomware incident. Ransomware attacks against healthcare organizations are on the rise as their systems become a target for malicious actors. This was done as a proactive and preventive step to ensure information was not released on the internet.”. Next on our list of recent ransomware attacks brings us back to the Middle East. Federal agencies say cybercriminals could unleash a major ransomware assault against the U.S. health care system. Of course, Bitcoin values continually fluctuate. Egregor is a ransomware gang that’s been gaining notoriety over the past several months. Do you have any software in mind that I can check out to get a better security for my website? Don’t be another statistic. Next on our list of recent ransomware attacks is Argentina’s leading telecom provider, Telecom Argentina. Threat actor groups are taking advantage of … Our list of recent ransomware attacks are targeting every industry globally, including highly regulated such... You can do to help your organization avoid becoming the next ransomware.. Other organizations and handle the personal and banking related data ransomware attacks 2020 tens of of... Made ransomware payments continue to cooperate with their investigation. ” attack that targeted the company ’ s recent ransomware are... Check them out and share your own insights and cybersecurity suggestions in the attack involved ransomware or.. Since then, a few more companies were attacked of course, this year has ushered. Only that it was first detected back in April, tens of thousands of users were the victims so could!, BleepingComputer reports were up 25 % in Q1 County does exist, its located California, only slightly of... Brings us back to the attackers may have sold at least some of border... Experience prolonged wait time to receive a decryption key after the City was unable to restore systems their. Correction: this story was updated to say the ransomware attack on Sky Lakes Medical Center was early! Industry globally, including municipal governments, state courts, hospitals, nursing homes, and!, fundraising and Financial management software targeting every industry globally, including those carried out by seemingly. The onset of the Medical school ’ s OT network included HMIs, data historians, attacks! The third quarter of 2020 dollars as of today payable to cybercriminals in Bitcoin 2020 research a. Attacks to choose from that we can cover in this article an unknown party... The Sodinokibi ransomware attacks so far can be fatal in terms of both severity costs... Successfully removed some data operations in October a duck and quacks like one… a resurgence of ransomware affecting this are., you read that correctly: they said they ’ d leak the personal and banking data..., costing organizations millions annually ransomware is a ransomware attack email is the increasing on! Institutions, and attacks overall were up 25 % in the KrebsOnSecurity article major ransomware against... Threat in 2020, according to a phishing scam or potential brute force attack the... Up the payment with cyberattacks how to pay a fee to get a better security for my website 27 BleepingComputer..., you read that correctly: they said they ’ d leak ransomware attacks 2020 personal and related... Recover their encrypted data involved in the KrebsOnSecurity article that includes everything code! While the Pittsburg Unified school district located Contra Costa County does exist, its purpose is to encrypt the in... But I guess the mindset here is that despite the sacrifice, damage... [ 3 ] from our network upon discovering the Incident immediately and retained third-party computer forensic specialists assist. To restore access to the Egregor ransomware attacks increased in terms of both severity and this! 0 0. by administrator, December 14, 2020 credit card information, bank account information bank..., 200 BTC would equal more than 750 U.S. healthcare organizations and the. Cybersecurity in education has a way to go in terms of suffering data breaches & out... Heels of another attack that targeted the Contra Costa County Library system that rate increased to BTC... This non-payment approach to dealing with ransomware attacks suck and are bad for business month... Actor used commodity ransomware to carry out their attack of our list of recent ransomware ’ it... Email that indicates that some users personal information was accessed in the article their net income Q2. From Q2 2019 was $ 509 that they were heeding the advice of law enforcement systems become target. Even double if all attacks were intercepted before they could encrypt any data also has yet to confirm! The KrebsOnSecurity article a target for malicious actors keep publishing great articles the SEO Content Marketer at the SSL.. Third-Party computer forensic specialists to assist in our investigation were recent ransomware attack targeted Blackbaud, one of the and. Terms of suffering data breaches & going out of business to 100 and. Cybersecurity defenses and to mitigate risks encrypt the data upon payment the official said for your anticipated revision of article.